Re: Trawo, Wilno Gubernia #general

Carol Hoffman

7. RE: Trawo, Wilno Gubernia
Go to LitvakSIG ALD and
choose Town Exact Traby
Scroll down and choose Vilna Guberniya

you will find over 2,700 matches >from which to choose.

Carol Hoffman
LitvakSIG President

Laurie Sosna wrote:
On a passenger manifest for Paie Lewin & 3 daughters, arriving at Ellis Island
in 1911, the previous residence and birthplace listed is Trawo, Wilno Gub. The
writing is legible, and is repeated for all four passengers.
"Alexander Sharon" <> wrote:
Town is Traby, pron. [troh nbyh] currently located in Belarus., used to be in
Oshmiany uyezd, Vilna Guberniya.
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