Re: French translation of "fils majeur & fille majeure" #general

Roberta Solit

Dear JewishGenner's,

Thank you for the overwhelming response to my question.

The terms Fils majeur and Fille majeure refer to the future married couple being of
legal age, 21 at that time (1909).

As a long time member of the JewishGen family, I have always known that we are a
remarkable group. Today I was so impressed by the number and quality of the
responses to my post, all including translation, some referring me to other sites
for more information and even offers to translate other parts of similar documents.

I highly recommend that you post your questions on JewishGen's Discussion Group.
You will be surprised at the amount of information that JewishGenner's have and
love sharing.

In appreciation, I will be sending a donation to JewishGen.

Thank you,
Roberta Solit
Potomac, MD

MODERATOR: Thank you in advance, Roberta, for your donation. Donations are what
keep JewishGen going, since there are no subscription fees!

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