Camp Avuka, Liberty, NY #general

Jeffrey Knisbacher

In writing my parent's history (my father a refugee >from Hitler's
Germany who arrived here in 1938, my mother born in Baltimore of
Ukrainian parents), I came across a June, 1940 picture taken at the
Zionist Camp Avuka in Liberty, NY. It is apparently the first picture my
mother ever took of my father. He is seated with two friends, all
sitting bare chested  in shorts, cross-legged in front of a tent, like
Indians in a pow wow, and the picture is captioned "three braves".

Apart >from my late father, Max KNISBACHER, the other men are unknown to
me, with just first names: Morty and Wolfgang. The latter is an
obviously German name and I'm wondering if he was a friend that my
father had known >from Germany, about whom I would like to know more.
Perhaps Morty was, too. In a separate photo of Morty alone, he is called
"strongman Morty". There are also other pictures, including one, in poor
shape, naming a Moshe ZELLENITZ, with possibly a friend named Chava,
whose picture was glared out. I am very interested in learning as much
as I can about Camp Avuka and the people who attended and will be happy
to share all these pictures.  Jeff KNISBACHER

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