GRABER or GRAEBER family of Sanok, Galicia #general

Joseph Walder <jswalder@...>

Through JRI-Poland, I learned the names of the siblings of my paternal
grandmother, Feige GRABER (later Fanny WALDER), who did not leave
Poland: Pesla (b. 1882), Chaim Mojzesz (b. 1890), Abraham (b. 1895),
and Perla (b. 1897). Subsequently through the Jewishgen Family Finder,
I contacted in Israel the spouse of a descendant of Pesla. Some of
Pesla's children had survived! This unexpected success gives me hope
that there might be living descendants of Chaim Mojzesz, Abraham, and
Perla. Should anyone reading this be such a descendant or have
information about such descendants, I would be grateful to know.

Portland, Oregon, USA

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