If not married in NYC, where? #general

Steve Stein

William a.k.a. Nochem Wolf and Steerel LUBINSKY were married in Lithuania in
the late 1800s and came to New York in 1904 with their five young daughters.
Steerel died in 1910, William in 1922. Until recently, I had assumed that
the "married" status on William's death certificate was a mistake, and
stupidly never bothered to find the 1920 census record (Ancestry had
mis-transcribed "Lubinsky"). However, when I recently found his probate
record, it indicated that he had six heirs, not five - his five daughters
and his wife Gussie, the latter whom nobody ever heard of. Then I located
the 1920 census, and according to the census, William and Gussie were
already married in 1920 and living in Brooklyn.

I cannot find a record of any marriage on italiangen.org that even resembles
them between 1910 and 1920. So I have come to a few possibilities:

---- They were married outside New York City
---- They were married in New York City but the record is so mangled that I
can't find it on italiangen
---- They were not legally married

I might have considered the third possibility more strongly had I not seen
the probate record. I would imagine that the daughters, all adults by then
and four of five married, would have excluded her >from the estate were
William and Gussie not legally married. There was $1500 worth of possessions
at the time of his death. The widow and the wealthy son-in-law were the
petitioners. William died in Brooklyn.

I also cannot find a death certificate for Gussie Lubinsky that could
possibly be William's widow. She is not buried with him (neither is his
first wife, BTW).

I am entertaining *reasonable* theories as to their marriage status, date,
and place and avenues for further research. No beginner tutorials please.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, New Jersey

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