Re: If not married in NYC, where? #general

Judith Singer

Re: If not married in NYC, where?

Briefly, anywhere, especially anywhere in the New York metropolitan
area or even beyond where they had friends or relatives. My parents
were married in Amenia, NY, about 85 miles >from their homes in NYC,
because they went to visit friends who lived in Putnam County and who
decided it was time my father did something with the marriage license
he had obtained. The nearest rabbi the friends could find was in
Amenia. If I had not heard this as part of family lore, it would never
have occurred to me that my parents would be married so far >from home.
At least my father had obtained a NYC marriage license, so I was able
to find a record of that.

You would have to consider not just upstate NY but also portions of
NJ, Connecticut, and even Massachusetts and Pennsylvania if the couple
had friends or relatives out of town.

Furthermore, it could have been a common-law marriage entered into
without benefit of a government-issued marriage license. These were
not legal in NY State after 1938, but the state continued to recognize
common-law marriages made before that date.

Good luck - Judith Singer

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