Re: meaning of x before entry in Polish business directory #general

John Hoenig

The x before a business means it was a "registered" business. (There is an
explanation of the symbols used in Polish and in French.) By looking at all of
the available directories, you can find the first year that the x appears.

Two of my Peller relatives had a hardware store listed as "Peller brothers and
Halpern" in Stanislawow (Ivano Frankivsk) and an x appears before the entry. I
would love to find documentation on the registration to ascertain which brothers
owned the store. If anyone knows how to find this, please share the information.
I'm guessing that it might be necessary to go through notary records which is
difficult because they are apparently organized by the individual notary and,
not knowing who did the work, one would have to search all the notary records
until one came across the family business.

John Hoenig
Williamsburg, VA

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