Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness - research assistance #general


Dear Genners,

It's often we see requests for cemetery photos and other research assistance
coming through this forum. I keep meaning to draw to the attention of
everyone a volunteer group which offers this and other types of assistance
to researchers in the U.S.. You might try this organization, Random Acts of
Genealogical Kindness (https://www.raogk.org/ ) for help. Go to "State
Guides" for a listing of individuals offering their services. I used them
quite successfully in the past and my cost was only what the researcher
incurred on my behalf for copying a record and mailing it to me. In fact,
my "volunteer researcher" had access to some local sites which helped me
find online records I couldn't locate elsewhere.

I hope this resource is of assistance to some of you who need extra eyes or
arms in the U.S.. Good luck!

Leslie Gut-Reiken
Zurich, Switzerland

(Polotsk, Vitebsk)

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