Re: Identifying a name #general

Lisa Liel

I want to thank everyone for your help.  There were two suggestions that
I received >from a number of people.  The greater number suggested that
the name Lyrles was actually Zyrles, for Tziril, and that what I read as
an L was actually a Z. A couple of people suggested that if the
reporting person had said "Leahleh Sacks", the person filling out the
form could have misheard it as Lyrles Sacks.

What tipped the balance for me was when first Jenny Schwartzberg, and
then Michael Richman, pointed out that a common Anglicization for Tziril
is Celia, and suggested that I see if any of Shmuel Moshe's descendents
were named Celia.  And in fact, of his two daughters that I'm aware of,
one of them *was* named Celia. So I'm concluding >from this that he
named his daughter for his mother, whose name was Tziril.

Thanks again,

Lisa Liel

ORENS/AARONSON/SACKS >from Nesvizh, Belarus; SINAYSKY/LIFSHITS >from Mir, Belarus;
Mitau/Jelgava, Latvia; SHMULEVITZ/FLANZBAUM >from Beltsy/Soroca, Moldova;
SHMULEVITZ >from Vilijampole/Slabodka, Lithuania; HINDSILL >from Berditchev,
Ukraine; FEDER >from Germany/Prussia; ZIMBEROFF/LEAVITT/BERMAN >from Novozybkov/
Starodub, Russia; RAZIN/RAZINSKY >from Odessa, Ukraine

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