Help with photo dating #general

Elise Miller

If you know something about how the 19th century Jews in the Pale dressed or
other visual clues, please help me find out approx. when this photo was taken!
My great-grandfather, Hirsh GREENBERG, had 3 wives, and children by all (lots
of cousins!). This is either wife 1 or 2. If wife 1 it was in the 1850s, if
wife 2 it was in the early 1870s. They lived in what is now Liubavas, Lithuania,
a village 1 mile >from the Polish border (then Lebova, Suwalki Gubernia, Russia).
Hirsh was an administrator of a gentile's farm with 50 Jewish tenants. I assume
this is a wedding photo. Maybe a traveling photographer came to town, or they
might have gone to Marijampole, Vilkiviskis, or even Suvalki or some other
bigger town to take the photo.

Our genealogist cousins would love to know which wife this was!

Please view the photo at:
Thank you for any light you can shine on this! Thank you!
Elise Frances Miller, San Mateo, CA

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