GLICKMAN / GLUKMAN family from Warsaw, Poland #general

Daniel Gleek

I have never made progress with my gg-grandmother's family.
I know little about her, but wonder if the info below rings bells..

Freda (Frieda) GLICKMAN (GLUKMAN?) was born in Poland.
She was born in around 1856 (but possibly as late as 1861).
Her father's Hebrew name (>from her gravestone) was Faivel.

Freda said she couldn't find her sisters. The family was poor,
they went to live with relatives and their names were changed.

Freda wed Morris WEITZENSANG on 13.01.1879 in Warsaw.
They moved to Glasgow and then London; she died in 1932.
They had 3 boys, but 2 two more children, who died as infants.
They were born sometime between 1881-1889.

I am not looking for UK info or anything on the WEITZENSANGs.
I am looking for anything >from Warsaw, Poland, anything on
her parents and anything about her sisters.

If I add that She had Mongolian eyes would this help?
If I mention she had a bad foot and wore an iron calliper,
after getting it stuck under a tram in Glasgow, would that help?

Does any of the above mean something to you?
If so, please private message me!!

Here's hoping.
Thank you,
Daniel GLEEK in London

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