Seeking Lost Family Members #general


I am attempting to trace my birth father and or his family through various sites.
His name is/was Jorge (George) Jones or Jonas >from New York and may have family
still living there or in Venezuela. His birthday could be 1945-1955. I do not know
any facts about him. My mother told me he was >from a Jewish family in New York and
that the had ties to Venezuela. She also mentioned that she decided to convert from
her family's Christian faith, to Judaism in order to marry my birth father. So, I
know that he must have come to Virginia to meet my mother and spent enough time
with her to get engaged and start a family.

from there the details become very obscure. My mother died in 2005, her name was
Sharon Lee. In her papers I found envelopes >from Venezuela but not letters. Her
older sister and her best friends are also in the dark about him, they have not
been able to offer any information about his name or birthday or family for me to
trace. I don'y know where she went to receive her education for her conversion.
She did not attend services, although she would occasionally allow family friends
to take me when I was small. She said she did not feel comfortable anywhere.

My interest is academic. I would like to know about my fathers family. If I have
any. Have children and I would like to be able to know where half of my ancestry
comes from, to be able to tell my boys where they come from.

I have had genetic testing that was not able to give me definitive markers for any
Sephardic Jewish heritage that I was looking for besides Iberian /North African/
Mediterranean genetic material. But I tested positive for a very small amount of
Ashkenazi Jewish genetic material that I was not expecting. My mother's family is
Irish/Scottish and my genetic material pointed that out, rather obviously.

If for some reason, someone knows anything that can help me, I would be grateful
and please know that I would treat that information with respect and honor
Thank you in advance

Warmest Regards,
Simone Hnath
Norfolk, Virginia

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