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Shalom Genners

Maybe someone out here/there can help me break a brick wall.

For about 50 years have been trying to find descendants of two great Uncles of mine
David (DOB abt. 1872) and Aaron (DOB abt.1874) sons of Shmuel Gedalia the son of
Moshe. According to family lore their family name was Pizem. The two (or maybe one
after the other) emigrated to the USA towards the end of the 19th century in the
1890s. The family last heard >from them a short time, after they had emigrated to
the USA having relocated to the greater Chicago IL,USA area. This is where I
remained stuck in my research for the last 50 years.

A couple of months back, I received what might be a break or crack into the brick
wall. Being a subscriber to MYHERITAGE I was informed that a certain Aaron David
Pizem together with wife (maiden name Shapiro) and children emigrated >from Chicago,
IL, USA to Australia in the early part of the 20th century abt. 1910s. Two of their
children were born in the Chicago area Samuel Abraham Pizem DOB abt 1900, and
Monahan Pizem DOB abt.1912 a daughter Rachel Pizem was born in Australia DOB 26
Nov 1930 she married Gordon Joseph Walker.

If to anyone this story rings a bell or can assist me in joining the
dots together so that I can join and meet new/old family members
will be deeply appreciated. Please reply to my personal email
address I promise if this brick wall crumbles
I will publish the success story in JewishGen.

Thank you in advance,

Aizic Sechter

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