Lehman brothers role in Rescue - Karen Franklin, interview and talk 4 July 2018 #general

Saul Issroff

Karen Franklin of the Leo Baeck Institute is interviewed for the
Jewish Views radio programme (UK) on the fascinating tale of 'The
Untold Story of the Lehman Family and its Aid to Refugees: 1933-1945'.
Karen's interview starts at 35 minutes in the programme.

Synopsis radio interview:
... Karen Franklin tells us the fascinating details of 'The Untold
Story of the Lehman Family and its Aid to Refugees: 1933-1945', as
part of an event >from Spiro Ark, co-hosted by the Jewish Genealogy
Society of Great Britain and Central Synagogue and will be held July
4, 7.30 pm at The Central Synagogue, London W1.

event details:
The Untold Story of the Lehman family and its Aid to Refugees: 1933-1945
A lecture by Karen Franklin
Time: 7.30 pm, Wednesday 4th July 2018
Venue: Central Synagogue, 36-40 Hallam Street, Marylebone, London W1W 6NW.
Ticket: 10 GBP
www.spiroark.org or by phone 0207 794 4655

Saul Issroff

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