The B&F Compendium of Jewish Genealogy has 25,000 Jewish genealogy resources #general


I just wanted to make people aware of the B&F Compendium of Jewish
Genealogy, which links to online resources for over 200 countries and
territories, as well as over 1350 towns in Poland.

The main site with all the countries is:

and the list of Polish towns is at:

The site divides resources into 7 primary categories: History,
Genealogy, Cemeteries, Holocaust, Diaspora, Contemporary and Books.
For towns in Poland, there is an additional General category that
links to the town's web site and the Wikipedia article(s) about
the town.

I try to keep the site up to date with new resources, but if you're
aware of resources for a specific country or town, please let me know
(there's a way to submit new resources via the site).

There are other useful things on my site besides the compendium,
including printable forms (in English and Hebrew), and many articles
on Jewish genealogy.

Philip Trauring

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