Using a pre-purchased ticket under a different name #general

Toby Gass <tgass@...>

After years of looking for evidence of my great and great-great
grandparents' immigration to the US, I have finally found records of
ticket purchases for most of them in the Rosenbaum Bank ticket purchase
ledgers. Even with the information in the ledgers, including shipping
line names, ports, names and ages of the ticket holders, etc., I still
cannot find them on any ship manifests.

There were two trips, to different ports (Philadelphia and Baltimore),
from different ports (Antwerp and Bremen), in different years (1891 and
1893), and on different lines (Red Star and Nord Deutscher Lloyd); four
people travelled. It seems unlikely that there would be no record of any
of them.

I am wondering if anyone knows the answer to the following question: If
a ticket was purchased in the name of a certain individual, did the
person have to travel under that name, or could the ticket be used with
a different name?

Thank you for the assistance.

Toby Gass

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