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Toby Gass <tgass@...>


I have received several replies to my original question (below)
suggesting that the tickets were bought by people with one name and
then sold perhaps to my family members or that my forebears changed
their name. To clarify, the tickets were purchased by members of my
family using the names by which I know them and were sent to members
of my family in Brest-Litovsk and Memel using the same names.

Nonetheless, I have been unable to find them on any ship manifests,
although they do appear in the US at the appropriate time with the same
names. They didn't change their name, but I'm wondering if they
could have traveled under a name other than the one on the ticket. This
is a question about the possibility of traveling under an alias that
does not match the ticket, not about changing one's name.

This was probably the most highly educated branch of my family; they
were not illiterate or impoverished, although others of my great-
grandparents were certainly the latter. If they traveled under a
different name, it was more likely for political reasons.

I have been asked to list the sources I've consulted regarding ship
manifests. Rest assured, as I have been working on this problem for
years, I have consulted all the typical resources, some atypical ones,
and have additionally resorted to simply reading through ship manifests.

I have also been asked to provide links to the ledger pages I referred
to. Here they are:

Sore Ester, Jossel and Gelle Schwartz:

Leiser Schwartz:

Leiser Schwartz:

For those in the Philadelphia/Baltimore area who are not familiar with
this online resource, you can see that it provides a wealth of
information, including names and street addresses in both the US and
abroad. The ledgers are indexed on JewishGen and on Ancestry through
JewishGen. They are not searchable, but the index gives you the date,
which makes it easy to browse to the correct page.

Thank you to everyone for your responses. As a reminder, the original
question was: If a ticket was purchased in the name of a certain
individual, did the person have to travel under that name, or could the
ticket have been used with a different name?

Tobah M. Gass, Ph.D.
Santa Fe, NM

Researching FEDER (Bialystok, Zabludow), EPSTEIN (Bialystok, Ruzhany,
Bialystok), SCHEYNMAN/SCHEINERMAN (Brest-Litovsk, Israel, British and
Ottoman Palestine), PUCHACHEVER (Brest-Litovsk), SCHWARTZ (Brest-Litovsk,
Pinsk and Galicia), MARGOLIS/MACHOLIS (Brest-Litovsk), WEISS married to

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