Searching for SEGAL/SIEGEL/LIEBERMAN families from Lviv #general

Jeff Lieberman

I'm seeking information regarding the families of my grandfather,
Samuel LIEBERMAN, who was born in Lviv (Lwow, Lemberg), Galicia or
a nearby town between 1888 and 1892.

According to family lore, he was the 13th child born into a family whose
surname was possibly SEGAL or SIEGEL, but his mother died in childbirth
with him and he was adopted by a LIEBERMAN family >from the same area.
His birth father may have been a rabbi. Since my grandfather's Hebrew
name was Shalom ben Avraham, I assume his birth father was named
Avraham (SEGAL?). On his marriage application, he listed his parents as
Harry and Pearl, who may have been his adoptive LIEBERMAN family.

My only link to his biological or adoptive families is an old photo
postcard with the imprint of a photographer in Lviv and the handwritten
Yiddish message: "A memory forever of your niece for the year 1920."
It's signed "Cila Sgiel." My grandfather came to the U.S. by himself in
1907, and most of his family died in the Holocaust. Is any of this vaguely
familiar to anyone who has SEGAL/SIEGEL or LIEBERMAN ties to the Lviv
area? (On documents I've found, he also listed his towns as Mosti Wielkie
and Zolkiew, which are located close to Lviv.) Thank you for any
assistance or suggestions.

Jeff Lieberman
Newtown, PA

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