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Bette Mas <bette.sscf@...>

Polina Olsen uploaded to Viewmate a snip of a typewritten document for
surname MARGOLIN dated July 12, 2013 that only includes name of ship
Cymric and last foreign residence, Zezmova, Russia.

Jewish family towns in Russia before WWI are now in various countries
including Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and,
less likely, Russia.

When trying to identify an unknown town, it is essential to obtain all
possible family documents and preferable to search JewishGen Gazetteer
by distance and direction >from a known location.

A search in JewishGen Gazetteer (not Town Finder which is the
Communities Database) for phonetically like Zezmova had no result and
for sounds like Zezmova had many results, not including a significant
Jewish community.

The actual naturalization declaration indicated birth date also in
Zezmova, Russia, port of arrival Boston and name of wife in 1926,
allowing identification of other documents.

Even before finding the ship manifest or naturalization petition, two
documents provided the obvious answer, Lithuania (1920 census) and
Zezmar, Russia (WWII draft registration).

A JewishGen Gazetteer search for sounds like Zezmar lists one
significant Jewish community in Lithuania, Ziezmariai, Lithuania,
formerly Zhizhmory in Troki district, Vilna gubernia, Russia before
WWI and in Lithuania between Wars.

JewishGen Gazetteer
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JewishGen Communities Locality Page for Ziezmariai, Lithuania
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JewishGen KehilaLinks page for Ziezmariai, Lithuania
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Bette Stoop Mas

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