Viewmate 68618: 1872 2nd Marriage for Israel Schwimmer to Tobi Salzberger #general

Moishe Miller

Hello Fellow Researchers,

I have posted Viewmate 68618.

Can anyone read the detail for line 26 of this marriage record from
Munkacz (Mukachevo) on 12 October 1872, for Israel Schwimmer? What town
or name is written under his name? Are his parents Jakob and Szure? Who
are the parents of his wife, Toni Salzberger? Are they Josef and Chaje
Szure? What is listed in the next box, which I think is her place of
birth? What is the next heading, which seems to say "a tanuk neve a
polgari allasuk" and for which google translate does not help me? And
what is the actual detail for that box in line 26?

I would also ask that if anyone knows more about these two families, to
please let me know. I am wondering if Tobi (whose Hebrew name is Toba
Etel) was a SALZBERGER >from birth, or, was that the surname of her first
husband (she was widowed).
Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you!

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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