Trying to contact Hana LIPSZYC (LIPSHITZ) in Israel #general

Joseph Walder <jswalder@...>

I am trying to contact Hana LIPSZYC, who I have reason to believe lives in Israel
and is a grand-daughter of Pessel KATZ of Sanok, Galicia. My paternal grandmother,
whose name was originally Feige GRABER, was the youngest sibling of Pessel KATZ.
Thus Hana LIPSZYC and I are second cousins.

Pessel KATZ was married to Israel KATZ. Although Pessel and Israel themselves
presumably perished in the Shoah, I believe that some of their children had
previously made their way to Palestine during the period of the British mandate,
and that Hana LIPSZYC descends >from one of them.

I ask any reader who may have relevant information to contact me privately.

Joseph Walder

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