New Book: The Unbroken Chain - Third Edition - Volume 3 #general

Gary Mokotoff

The third volume (of five) of Neil Rosenstein's "The Unbroken Chain-Third
Edition" has been published. The new edition is a major improvement to the
previous edition both in number of persons and quality of the work.

Second Edition (1990) Third Edition (2017/18)

Two volumes, 1,350 pages Five volumes, 4,500 pages
20,000 names 42,000 names
Surname-only index Full name index
No illustrations 300 illustrations (Vol 1 alone)
1,600 footnotes 1,000 footnotes (Vol. 1 alone)
Up to 16 generations Up to 22 generations

"The Unbroken Chain" documents the descendants of Rabbi Meir
Katzenellenbogen (MaHaRaM) of Padua (1482-1565) and Rabbi Judah Lowe
(MaHaRaL) of Prague through 22 generations.

Ordering information for any of the three volumes is at . The site includes a
complete list of names for each of the three volumes, as well their Tables
of Contents.

Gary Mokotoff

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