Re: My Grandparents Town #general

Joy Kestenbaum

As a follow up to Joyce Weiss's email of 25 July about her grandparents town of
Krevye Ozero - Krevozer - now in the Ukraine -and her questions about whether there
are lists, so that she can trace relatives, I can add that YIVO Institute for
Jewish Research at the Center for Jewish History in New York has landsmanschaft
records: Krivozer Fraternal Society of Greater New York, 1927-1961, which include
minutes, 1933-1947, an anniversary journal and other records.(There were affiliated
societies in other cities, including Philadelphia.) While I have not reviewed these
records, Additionally, Krivozer Fraternal Society has a plot in (Old) Montefiore
Cemetery in Spring Gardens, Queens and the cemetery has an online database. I have
visited this plot for a client who has family buried there. We were able to
determine that his paternal grandfather and his extended family came >from Kryve
Ozero through ship manifests, which gave it as their place of birth and/or last
permanent residence.

Joy Kestenbaum
New York City

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