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Diana da Costa

A huge "thank-you" to all those who responded to our request for information
on the Sinai Synagogue in Los Angeles together with the officiating Rabbi,
Rabbi Dr. Rudolph FARBER, at the marriage of my husband's grandparents in
1913. Most of the responses were emailed to us privately and I thought a
summary of the findings might be helpful to others researching Sinai
Synagogue and/or Rabbi Farber:

Sinai Temple in Los Angeles was founded in 1906, a Conservative Synagogue,
and was then located at 12th and Valencia Street but in 1961 it moved to
Westwood. It is now one of the largest congregations in Los Angeles. The
original buildings now house a multi-cultural centre, the Pico Union
Project, where religious services are also held. At the outset, the
congregation operated >from a number of different locations. Rabbi Dr.
Rudolph Farber joined the congregation around 1913, succeeding Rabbi Isadore
Myers who had been the Congregation's first Minister, but Rabbi Farber only
stayed for three years, leaving on the grounds of ill-health.

Rabbi Farber was born 5th April 1865 in Hungary and emigrated to the US in
1883. He seemed to have had a variety of positions over the years, in 1898
he had been appointed Rabbi to the Temple Israel in Stockton California and
subsequently lived in Denver Colorado, des Moines Iowa, Texarkana Arkansas
and died on 11th August 1930 in Chicago. Rabbi Farber married for the
second time, Etta Crocker, on the 10th of March 1896 in Spokane Washington,
and they had five children.

We also received lots of links. If anyone would like to receive the list,
please email me privately.

Individual emails have been sent to all private messages hitherto received.
With renewed thanks once again,

Diana (Mohr) Gomes da Costa, Kent UK - formerly >from London. Researcher
number: 166938. email address:

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