PRISMANS from Kretinga, Lithuania #general

Eve Panush <evepanush@...>

My great-grandfather Nathan Judah KROTINGER was born in Kretinga, Lithuania around
January 1847. His last name then was PRISMAN. He married Goldie Chaya Bayla Merkyll
Salzberg in 1873 in Lithuania. He lived in Liverpool, England, where his son Herman
was born on July 26,1889 and then immigrated to the United States around. 1890
where he changed his last name to KROTINGER. Nathan Judah died in 1912 in New
York City, New York, at the age of 65. I have been unable to find a Nathan or Natan
Prisman >from Kretinga in the Litvaksig data who meets any of those dates.
Is anyone researching Prismans or Krotingers >from Kretinga?

Eve Krotinger Panush
Sacramento, California

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