My great-grandparents Emil & Martha Galliner #general

Howard Hack <hjhack@...>

My great-grandparents Emil & Martha Galliner lived in Shanghai from
1941-1947, and Chicago >from 1947-1951

I have 3 postcards and looking for information; They shared an address
at 107 Ankou Lu (Alcock Road) Shanghai with Leo and Helene Plohn. They
lived at 818/8 Tongshan Road Hongkew (Local) Shanghai, and received a
postcard on 24 May 1947 >from Mr M. Nisenbaum and Frau (Tick Tack) 1
Card. Mercier Local (18) written in German.

I have a postcard >from Martha and Martin Daniels written in German and
addressed to Emil and Martha Galline at **** Dorchester Chicago 15,
Illinois. The Galliners lived at **** East 53rd Street, Chicago, and
attended the Jewish Community Centre of Hyde Park, Blackstone Avenue,
Chicago .His business card reads : Emil Galliner watch repairer and
jewellery specialist in cuckoo clocks, phone number Museum 4-****. I
have photos of their English Class Parties. The Galliners left Chicago
in 1951 to join their daughter and her family in Windhoek, Namibia .

Thank you.
Jeanine Hack, Cape Town

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