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Bette Mas <bette.sscf@...>

Mark Goldstein posted cropped images of town names in Russia from
Hamburg departure and New York arrival manifests for Israel GARFINKEL
in 1913 asking for the town of origin.

Towns that were in Russia before WWI are now in various countries
including Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and,
less likely, Russia.
When trying to identify an unknown ancestral town, be sure to obtain
all possible family documents >from Ancestry.
Search JewishGen Gazetteer by distance and direction (or by radius)
from a known location.
When trying to decipher handwriting, the entire page and the town name
in the index are helpful.

The indexed town names for last residence and place of birth are Buter
and Ruyans, Russia.
The passenger's naturalization documents say he was born in Rouzani,
Russia and last foreign residence was Byten, Russia. His WWII draft
registration lists birth place Rozana, Russia.

A search in JewishGen Gazetteer results in the significant Jewish
community of Byten, Belarus, in Slonim district, Grodno Gubernia,
Russian Empire before WWI and lists the nearby Jewish community of
Ruzhany 26 miles W.

JewishGen Gazetteer
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JewishGen Gazetteer Radius Search
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JewishGen Communities Locality Pages for Byten, Belarus:
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and Ruzhany, Belarus:
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Bette Stoop Mas

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