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Sheldon Dan <sheldan1955@...>

I am trying to research the connection of a branch of my family to a
family that was supposed to be related to them.

Joseph Abner ZECHMAN (1877-1952) was born in Taurage, Lithuania, the
same place as a number of branches of my family. He married Julia
HARRIS (1879-1956) in 1900 in Detroit. They had four children: Leon,
born in 1901; Selma, born in 1903; Beulah, born in 1905; and Manuel,
born in 1909.

I read a letter >from our family genealogist to Beulah. She asked
about Robert ALAND of Birmingham, Alabama, a cousin of Joseph Abner.
She recalled that his wife and daughter often visited Detroit when she
was a girl. She also mentioned that the Alands were well-known in
Birmingham and the family has a department store there.

I believe that Beulah is referring to Robert ALAND (1882-1947). He
married Rebecca OLIM (1885-1954) in 1905 in Birmingham. They had
seven children: Julian, born in 1906; Leon, born in 1907; Celia,
born in 1909; Emanuel, born in 1912; Louise, born in 1916; Ralph,
born in 1919; and Jack, born in 1922. Beulah must be referring to
Rebecca and either Celia or Louise visiting in Detroit.

If Beulah is right, then one of Joseph's parents and one of Robert's
parents are siblings. Joseph's parents were Wolf Jacob ZECHMAN
(1847-1916) and Ada Dina LUNTZ (1842-1932). Robert's were Louis
ALAND (1839-1915) and Rachel GOLDSTEIN (1861-1918). I don't think it
likely that Wolf Jacob would be the sibling, but Ada Dina might be
Louis' sister and the name might have been a maiden name that changed
from Aland.
In a reply to Beulah, Walter Cohen, the genealogist, said that he
contacted Julian Aland, the son of Robert. Robert was aware that the
Alands and Zechmans are cousins, but does not know how they are cousins.
He recalled being in Chicago many years earlier and being taken to lunch
by a couple of Zechmans.

So what I would like to know is the following: First, I would like to
know more about the Aland family of Birmingham; I live in Memphis, and
this is the first time I have heard of them. Also, if Joseph Abner
Zechman and Robert Aland are indeed cousins, there must be siblings and
therefore a common ancestor. I would appreciate anyone giving me any
information about this.

Sheldon Dan

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