The LIPIS family #general

Alyssa Freeman

I have a mystery in my family that I'm hoping someone can help me
solve. My 2x great-aunt, Leah (Lena) LIPIS (1875 - 1934) came through
Ellis Island in 1913 with 5 children, whom I thought were all her
children. My mom had never heard about one of them and it turns out
she was a cousin (Bessie Lipis - eventually Bessie Dreskin, then
finally Bessie Kaplan (1897 - 1978). We've discovered that her
father's name was Mordecai Lewis Lipis (1880 - 1959). Clearly, he was
very young when he had her. What we're missing is her mother's name
and what happened - why she came with her aunt and didn't stay with
her father, and what happened to her mother. Mordecai was married
three times in his life. One wife was Fanny, another was Ida, and the
third one - whose name we don't know - was Bessie's mother. Mordecai's
father was either User or Asher Lipis/Lipes/Liebes (1856 - 1946). He
had a bunch of children, including Mordecai and Israel (Leah's
husband). If anyone has these people in their family tree and can help
me out with who Bessie's mother was, I would be very greatful! I'd
also like to know who User's/Asher's wife was. Thanks so much!

Alyssa Freeman
Henrico, VA

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