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I am researching the second family of my great-great-grandmother, Dena DUNN.
Dena married Gutel HERSHOVITZ in Taurage, Lithuania, and had four children.
I would like to contact the descendants of the eldest child, Anna HERSHOVITZ,
and her husband, Lazar JACOBSON.

Anna and Lazar had five children: Calvin (Kelly), born in 1900; Jacob (Jack),
born in 1903; Gus, born in 1904; Bertha, born in 1906; and Percy, born in 1908.
They were all born near Clarksdale, MS. Sometime after Lazar's death in 1927,
much of the family lived in Chicago.

Calvin and his wife, Blanche HEIFETZ, had one son, Herbert, born in 1931, who
had a son, Robert. Jack, >from whom our family got a lot of information about
the family, and his wife, Betty DAVIDSON, had one son, Jay, born in 1942. Gus
and his wife, Minnie LEBSTEIN, had two children, Diane (Lolly), born in 1926,
and Larry, born in 1929. Diane had three children by her first marriage to
Burt KALLICK: Laurie (later SANS), born in 1947; Deborah, born in 1951; and
Suzanne (later GILLIAM), born in 1957. Larry and his wife, Colleen SAWYER,
had two children, Robin (later SILVERMAN), born in 1955, and Sandra (later
CULLEN), born in 1958. Bertha and her husband, Julius KOHN, did not have
children. Percy and his wife, Mildred ASH, had two children, William (who was
known as William TYNAN), born in 1939, and Robert (Bob).

If anyone has contact information regarding the descendants of Anna Jacbson,
please contact me.

Sheldon Dan

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