Need assistance finding family members - MARGULIES from Touste, Poland #general

Andrea Zimmerman <nptgirl@...>

Hi. I have been trying to gather family information about my grandfather. His
name was Sigmund MARGULIES (changed to Sigmund Margolis) and he was born in
Touste, Poland. He immigrated to NY and then moved to Newport, Rhode Island
and opened a grocery store.

He married Tillie Rosen in NY. He had 4 brothers that died in Europe but I do
not know their names. His father's name was Samuel A. Margulies and his
mother's name was Fannie. I believe that he had an uncle and cousins in NY.
Was hoping that you would be able to recommend how I could obtain his
brother's names and confirm his father and mother's names.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I can be reached at email:


Kind Regards,
Andrea Zimmerman

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