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First, notice that the internet is not infallible - it's full of well-meaning
mistakes, even by genealogists, and then greatly amplified. Second, it's safe
to assume that the person didn't really live to 125, so either there has been
a transcription error somewhere in the dates, which can happen with Hebrew
dates, or they are not the same person, most likely grandfather and grandson.

Conveniently, 125 years is about twice the average life expectancy in those

Assuming that neither one had an unusual lifespan, say 60-70 years, it's
reasonable to expect the grandfather to have died around 1740-50, and the
grandson to be born sometime shortly thereafter. (assuming the usual Ashkenazic
custom of naming after a recently-deceased relative.) Tt might also be slightly
earlier, or there might have been 2 intermediate generations instead of just 1.
(the child could also be named after his great-grandfather.) Spaced 20 years
apart, that would mean births in 1707, 1727, and 1747, which would still fit.

But these are just clues - the only way to find correct information is to look
at source records, if they're available.

....... tom klein, Toronto

Gideon Hadari <> wrote:

I checked my family tree for consistency and found 15 consistency issues.
How can I solve, at least, one issue?
e.g. Issue: "Died too old:
= Deceased person died when they were more than 110 years old.

Eliezer Lipa (Lipman)
(Born 1687, died February 11 1813) was rather old at death (at least 125 years

I've searched the internet and these dates are everywhere.
Where and how I can find correct information?

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