U.S. naturalizations covering spouses #general

David W. Perle

Hi, all. I've posted a while back about a great-great-grandfather
of mine about whom I've got good U.S. records in certain respects
(censuses 1910-1940, marriage certificate, children's birth
certificates, death certificate...) but have had a heck of a time
finding other records.

One such record has been his naturalization. I've found that for
probably every other family branch, but not him. He was a successful
construction businessman in Newark and was in the U.S. for decades.
It's hard to imagine that he was never naturalized. I also had a heck
of a time finding records about him or his second wife and her
daughter apart >from the 1940 census.

The other night, I finally saw a record come up Ancestry for that
second wife's 1936 naturalization with various bits of info to plug
into Ancestry, how exciting! It even provides her spouse's--my
great-great-grandfather's--information as to when he supposedly
arrived in the U.S.

It occurred to me--is it possible that *this* is actually his
naturalization as well, covered by his wife? Interestingly, Henry is
indicated as being naturalized already in the 1910 and 1920 censuses,
but is indicated as being "alien" in the 1930 census! (Yes, I realize
that specifics provided on the censuses should be taken with grains of

So his wife's 1936 naturalization notes her husband and when he
arrived (I'm still having trouble finding him in arrival records via
Ancestry--various other Henry Gottliebs of course come up, I'm not
confident that any are he), but there's nothing that suggests that
he's already a citizen or not.


(Her naturalization is under her married name of Jenny Gottlieb,
naturalization formalized 1936. She was born in Vienna in 1883,
arrived in NYC in 1909. Spouse is my great-great-grandfather Henry
Gottlieb. They live in Newark at this time--he'd been there for
decades, living in NYC around the turn of the century. His birth year
is given here as 1879, though over the decades I found records
indicated a 10-year range of his year of birth, >from 1874-1884, oy.
This says that he arrived in NYC on March 12, 1896, supposedly...!)

David W. Perle
Washington, DC


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