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These are all birth records >from Terespol, Poland, likely first cousins of
my late father. In all cases I want to determine if the parents are Abush
Hirsch and Tehilla (Tillie or Frieda) Brandt, nee Goldsztern/Goldsztajn. I
am particularly interested in all the demographic details, including
occupations, any mention of parents, birthplaces, witnesses' names, ages and
occupations, who signed the document and any other information. I am also
curious whether, if the parents are the same, Jeremiia and Yankiel are
twins. Thank you in advance! Birth of
Etla Brandt, 1894. Birth of
Abram Moszko Brandt, 1892. Birth of
Jeremiia Brandt, 1892. Birth of
Yankiel Brandt, 1901.

Louise Goldstein

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