Changing of Last Names On Way to England from Russia #general

David Goldman

Hi, Jewishgenners.

A third cousin I was corresponding with has made a very interesting suggestion
as to why my great-grandfather (her great-great-grandfather) and his brothers
changed their last names >from Krasinsky in 1890 when they left Nova Ushitza for
Manchester. She said she knew of one of her other relatives who did the same
thing because he was seeking employment or perhaps had been sponsored for
employment >from a German-Jewish factory employer in Manchester, and the relative
understood that a "German-Jewish" sounding last name would work better than a
Russian sounding one in terms of obtaining employment by German Jewish factory

I had wondered how and why three brothers could emigrate legally >from the
Russian Empire under totally assumed names if they needed visas and passports.
I didn't find this particular novelty among any of my other ancestors, so the
suggestion about employment seems to make eminent sense.

David Goldman

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