HERSHOVITZ-LURJE Family #general

Sheldon Dan <sheldan1955@...>

I would like to find information on the family of Borach LURJE and Rachel
(Roskie) HERSHOVITZ. They lived in Raseiniai, Lithuania, and died in the
Shoah along with most of their family.

Borach was married previously and had two sons, Fivel Labe (Pielwa) and
Michael. He had six children with Rachel: Chana DISKANT, Yehoshua
(Heishel), Moshe (Meishel), Sarah YUDELEVSKI, Rivka DAGAN (later LASSAR),
and Gutel (Grisha). All but Sarah, Rivka, and Grisha died in the Shoah,
most of them in 1941 in Raseiniai. Heishel supposedly died "at the front"
in 1943.

The main things I would like to find out are:

(1) Fivel Labe was married to Sonia Cagan of Babryusk in present-day Belarus.
They were married in Harbin, China. They had two children who survived the war.
Ruvinas (Ruben) was born in 1919 in Harbin and immigrated to the United States
with his wife Liza and son Fayva. Braina (Dora) married Leibl POZNER and had a
daughter Sonia, who married a man named MERLIN and had two children, Rina and

(2) Heishel was married to Yentl FISHLEDER of Kedainai, Lithuania. They had a
daughter, Bella, born in 1934 in Raseiniai. Yentl and Bella survived the war.
Later Bella married a man named ZELISOVITZ and had two children.

(3) Moshe was married to Lili MARKS. She supposedly died near the end of the
war in Siauliai, Lithuania.

(4) Rivka was first married to Moshe DAGAN (formerly VOLPE) and had two
daughters, Shifra and Yael. Shifra was born in 1938 and Yael in 1942 in Bat
Yam in pre-state Palestine. Shifra had attended our first family reunion.
I would like to get in touch with her. She used to live in Ashdod, but I
think she lives in Gan Yavne now. She married Israel SAAR and had three
children. Her sister Yael married Ze'ev RAVID and had two children. Later
Rivka married Moshe LASSAR (formerly HARAK).

(5) Grisha married Mina SCHWARTZ of Raseiniai. They had two sons, Baruch,
born in 1944, and Peter (Pettie). They moved to Krefeld, Germany, where
Baruch married a woman named Klara and had two sons, Aron and Georg, and
Pettie married a woman named Rivka and had one daughter, Elina (Lina).

If anyone has any information, I would appreciate it.

Sheldon Dan

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