Re: Changing of Last Names On Way to England from Russia #general

David Goldman

Hi, everyone. For those who have written me about the issue of changing
names I did manage to find a list on Ancestry of some of the family at
arrival in Liverpool. But they were using their new adopted name of
GROBERMAN rather than the original name of KRASINSKY. The newly found
brother of my great-grandfather who did NOT change his name is not listed on
the Ancestry records under Krasinsky.
So I now feel I need to track their ship record >from whatever city they
left >from (Bremen or Hamburg I suppose) if such information is available. I
am sure the four brothers and their families made the trip on separate
voyages, arriving mostly at Liverpool and a few at Southampton starting in
1888 and continuing until 1891. It would seem strange that they would have
had their exit documents under one name and the ship registration under the
other name.
I cannot imagine that all three families with a number of children each
would have risked getting all the way to the seaport illegally. Although
some Jewishgenners have noted that people may not have even needed official
Russian papers back in those days at all, which would have made the whole
process much easier, I know that another great-grandfather who departed in
around 1899 >from White Russia had an exit permit that even showed
information about his military service.
It seems clear then that it must have been highly important for all the
families to be using the *new name* upon actual arrival into England, and
may have very well simply registered under the new name at the seaport.
Maybe it had to do with German Jewish employers who felt they needed to
make sure they were using the new name upon entry into Liverpool. Perhaps
the Russian authorities accepted some claim for a need to change the name
to Groberman, but of course why would they care? Maybe bribery was
involved in changing documented names.
It's quite different than what happened with a third great-grandfather who
left in 1922 and who actually had a Soviet issued passport. It never
occurred to me that the situations would have differed. In any case I fee a
little stumped here.
I have appreciated everybody's input, both for suggestions to follow and for
anecdotal reports of their own.
David Goldman

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