leasing farmlands from landlords in Volhynia #general

Paul Silverstone

According to his great-granddaughter Mendel Finkelstein leased lands in
Volhynia during the 19th Century. She wrote

They "lived in a small town called Szumsk in the government of Volhynia,
a part of Czarist Russia. He leased farmlands and timber limits >from the
ducal landlord of the district which had but recently emerged >from the
feudal system, and these farms and timber limits he operated for his profit."

He died about 1881 in Szumsk. Are there any records which might show
these transactions or leases enabling me to find out the size of these
leases and who the landlord might have been? His son Tevel was said
to have been an overseer on such an estate.

Paul Silverstone
New York

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