Righteous Among The Nations - Burden of proof #general

Robert Fraser

Dear Friends-

There are at least two known cases of rescue by RATN in my family that I know of -
both in Vienna. What I'm seeking is information >from readers who have successfully
(or not) made application to the Yad VaShem for recognition as RATN.

I have read the pages of information on their website and the stories featured
therein. I have several times started to prepare an application. But the trouble is
that I don't know very much. The participants have passed away, and the information
I have is second and even third-hand, although I have no reason to doubt it.

I'd be glad to hear >from people - privately - of their experiences, especially if
they had limited information to start with. How much did you know, how much did you
include in your application to the Yad VaShem, and was your application successful?
Did you make application on behalf of a rescuer no longer living?

Best wishes -

Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia

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