Question about Passaic County, NJ birth certificates from 1927 #general

David W. Perle

Shana Tova, all!

I have an interesting-looking "Certificate and Record of Birth" >from my grandma
in Paterson, NJ (Passaic County) in 1927. What's interesting is that it looks more
like a diploma than any other birth certificate that I've seen, such as her
father's in the same city 22 years prior.

I suspect that this might not be the proper "long form" birth certificate, so I
thought someone might be able to confirm whether this is the only birth certificate
or if it would be reasonable for me to pay to order the 'real' one >from the state?

This certificate has her name, hospital name where she was born, the
date, professional attendant's name, both parents' names, and the name
and signature of the deputy registrar.

Using her father's "Certificate and Record of Birth" >from 22 years earlier, which
looks much more like all other birth certificates I've seen, elements that it has
which my grandma's diploma-looking document does not have include her parents'
*ages*, her parents' birth places, her parents' occupations, how many other
children there were in the family, her sex, or her race.

So--am I right to suspect that this 'birth diploma' isn't really her full official
birth certificate and I should probably go ahead and order a formal copy?

David Perle
Washington, DC


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