***Corrected*** description and link to this week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #general

Bruce Drake <BDrake@...>

I inadvertently sent to the listserv last week's Yizkor book entry. This
is the correct description for the new one posted Friday:

This excerpt >from the Yizkor book of Golub-Dobrzyn, Poland describes the
devotion and mood of the Jewish townspeople during the "Days of Awe,"
starting with the preparation for observance of Yom Kippur and an account
of the day and its prayer services. It is a period in which "you
immediately sense the special atmosphere that has enveloped the town." As
the conclusion of Yom Kippur approaches," the writer notes that "the
mentality of those who are praying changes: the melancholy expression on
their faces has faded away and has been replaced by a feeling of confidence
... Their hearts have been filled with faith, with the belief that their
community prayers have been accepted and that they will merit a good and
blessed year."

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