Gostynin, Poland Jewish Cemetery - monument unveiling #general

Julian H. Preisler

Dear List Members:

For those with family roots in Gostynin, Poland, a memorial monument
on the site of the Jewish cemetery will be unveiled today, Friday,
September 20th. My Goldman and Michalski ancestors were >from this
town which is located about 60 miles north northwest of Warsaw. A
local group of historians, teachers, artists and local history
enthusiasts has organized together to research the diverse groups
that once populated the town of Gostynin. The group has successfully
placed several historical markers in the city, many noting the local
Jewish population in prewar times. They have worked with the Warsaw
Jewish Historical Institute to erect the monument in the cemetery.
Along with the memorial marker, there is a large collection of
gravestone fragments that were recently uncovered as part of a nearby
forest path. This group of dedicated volunteers is truly wonderful
and their resolve to commemorate the Jews of Gostynin is to be

With wishes to all for a Happy New Year 5779.

Julian H. Preisler
Falling Waters, West Virginia

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