LitvakSIG All-Lithuania Database - 76,000 new records online now #general

Russ Maurer

The quarterly addition of new data to the LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database
(ALD) is now searchable online. The ALD is free and may be searched
by any researcher >from the LitvakSIG home page, . The
summary below describes the 76,627 lines of new data just added.

Revision List template (42,049 lines): Kaunas Gubernia farmer lists, early
20th century Jewish censuses for Radun and Lida town, conscription lists
for Marijampole and Vilnius, 1834 census for Vilnius city and other places
in Vilna Gubernia, and a 1915 list of residents of the Panevezys district.
A new data set making its debut in the ALD is the "Emigration to Eretz
Israel" documenting those, >from throughout Lithuania, who received
permission to emigrate in the interwar years. Indexing of this data set is
ongoing. The nearly 6,975 lines included in this upload is only the first

Tax / Voters template (32,087 lines): a major new record set, the 1941
Kaunas voter list, accounts for almost all of these lines.

Vital records (1071 lines): Marriages and births for Klaipeda, 1874-1915.

Internal passports (1420 lines): Vilnius foreign passport applications.

Results >from ALD searches will be grouped by template. Note that
the template name may not necessarily describe the kind of data
accurately, e.g., the Revision List template is used for data sets such
as lists of farmers and conscription lists, not just revision lists. Please
look at all search results even if you don't think the template type is
relevant to your search. You just never know what you'll find.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition and Translation coordinator, LitvakSIG

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