Searching for Family of Sophia Kohn #general

Michael Kuzmick

I've hit a dead end in following my family line >from the Czech
Republic (known as Bohemia in their time).

My Great-Grandmother Frantizka Kohn was born 20 Aug 1876 in Prague.
She died in Bayonne, New Jersey in 1963.

I was able to confirm her birth in the 1876 Synagogue Geburtsbuch
through the Czech Republic National Archive.

from here it gets a little murky. Frantizka was listed as illegitimate.
Her mother, Sophia Kohn is listed in the index as the mother but in the document
itself, the name listed is Rosie. Sophia's 1901 Bayonne, New Jersey Death Record
lists her mother as Rosie and father as Cohen.

After a conversation with a JewishGen member, we determined that was most likely
a clerical error. Somehow Rosie was listed as the mother rather than Sophia.

After Sophia immigrated to the United States in the late 1880's, she married
Eduard Juscsak in Manhattan, New York in 1884. This record (discovered through the
LDS) lists her father as Ignatz and her mother as Theresia.

Here the dots don't seem to connect. I understand the inherent faults
in human memory and record keeping. The further back one goes, birth
dates seem less important and are listed by year or are just "estimated."

I did check the JewishGen Archives for marriages and could not find an
Ignatz and Theresia marriage. I did find two names (Ignatz and Rosie)
linked in a cemetery in Prague but have no idea as to whether these
are the same people. Was Theresia also called Rosie?

Any wisdom on how to move forward >from those with a shared experience
would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards - Michael Kuzmick

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