Litwak (aka Kleinfeld) #general

shirlee dayan

Searching for family of my father Morris Litwak who left my mother and 2
children in 1951 and went to Haifa Israel. Left Israel around 1961 and
changed name to Klein or Kleinfeld. He was born around 1913 and
remarried in Israel and perhaps had children. I suppose he came back to
United States. I am 70 years old but never saw him again since two years
old. Any info would be helpful. He is originally >from Poland and was
married to my mother. They both came to united states in 1947 >from
Zeilsheim DP camp. They were in Russia during the war and had a child
who died in the DP camp and then two more children in United States. I
am searching and still searching for any possible family related to him.
Please answer privately.

Shirlee Dayan

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