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Hi All

There was once a man named Hirsch Glass. Born in 1911, he was >from Subacious
Lithuania. In that same year, his father Jankel Glass went to New York USA
intending to send for the family once he established himself there. Sadly he
died shortly after arriving in NYC. Hirsch Glass, during the Shoah most
likely was interned in the Kowno Ghetto, then sent to Dachau, which he
survived. In 1949 he and his wife Esther and their young son Jankel moved to
Australia. They had a daughter in Australia named Bela and another son Max,
and through Jewishgen, Bela contacted me. We believe we are cousins. We are
looking backward in time to find the common ancestral link, perhaps one
generation more, the father of her grandfather Jankel Glass >from Subacius.

We have received some passport application records >from the archives in
Lithuania. Most of them are quite short. Is there anyone who would favor
this project with some translation help? The records are in Lithuanian.
Grateful thanks in advance to anyone willing to help out. The document copies
are very well photographed easy to read.

Please respond privately.


Joe Glass

MODERATOR NOTE: You might consider scanning and uploading the documents to
ViewMate on JewishGen.

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