Re: Rabbis of Bereznitz - correction to previous post #general

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Further to my posting regarding identity and confirmation of a Rabbi
Yosef of Breznitz whose wife was a descendant of Sprintze, daughter of
Rav Naftali KATZ , (a.k.a. the Smichat Chachamim) great grandson of
the Mahara"l.
I had written that other descendants of Sprintze who seem to be
siblings of the above Yosef's unnamed wife, are the TIKTIN rabbinical
family. I should have written the TAUBES and GUTSTEIN families.

Rav Yosef of Breznitz's son seems to have gone under the name
ROSENBAUM (or variant of). The son, my direct ancestor was a Rav.
Yisrael of Ostrov. One of his sons, also Yosef married into the family
of the Chassidic dynasties of Karlin-Stolin and Lechowitz.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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