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I am researching a branch of my family which originated in Taurage,
Lithuania. I think that my great-great-grandfather David Elimelech
(David King) DAN had three siblings. >from my research, one sibling
was a daughter who married a man named ELKANOWITZ.

They had a son and a daughter. The daughter married Feivel KUPERMAN
(although some sources may have a shortened name). They had two
daughters, Chaje Leie, born in 1850 in a nearby town, Upynas, and died
there in 1827, and Dvora (Dorothy), born in 1852 in Upynas. Dvora
married Dov Behr ROLNICK, born in 1840 in Upynas. They had four
children, Leie (Lena), Hyman, Vuelvel (William), and Abel Judah. The
children except Abel Judah immigrated to the United States and settled
in Chicago and the Benton Harbor, MI, area, the same area that David
King's son Solomon DEN lived.

The son must have been named Abraham (Adolph) EKANOWITZ, who shortened
his name to WITZ. We think he was born in 1864 in Taurage. He married
a woman named Esther Johanna in 1887. Soon afterward, they had a
daughter, Sylvia. Sylvia married Julian David MORRIS, who was born in
1875, in 1907 in Chicago. They had three sons: Sol, born in 1910 in
Chicago; Bernard, born in Benton Harbor in 1919; and Herman, born in 1924.

I think the Benton Harbor connection somehow connects my family to the
Rolnicks and Elkanowitzes/Witzes. I would appreciate anyone who knows
about these families to contact me privately.

Sheldon Dan

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