Steve Morse "One-Step" tool for New York City tax photos #general

Dick Plotz

NYC has recently digitized and put online their 1940 tax photos of
every piece of real estate in the city, but it may not be easy to
search using their website to find the photo of a particular house.
Steve Morse has created a tool that acts as a portal to their photo
collection, making searching their site easier.

Here are some of the advantages that Steve's tool offers:

1. New York City's site has numerous restrictions on the format of an
address, such as:
-- numbered streets must be cardinal numbers and not ordinal numbers
(i.e, "4 Avenue" instead of "4th Avenue")
-- numbered street name must not be spelled out (i.e, "15 Street"
instead of "Fifteen Street" or "Fifteenth Street")
-- no apostrophes in the street name
-- no dashes in the address
-- no abbreviations (i.e., "East 96 Street" instead of "E 96 St")
Steve's tool does away with all these restrictions, allowing searches
by street names as they are usually encountered.

2. On New York City's site, you have to enter your search term using a
very strict syntax, such as "borough=Brooklyn AND block=3598 AND
lot=3". Using Steve's tool you enter the search information by
filling out a form.

3. The result of a search on the New York City site is a set of
thumbnails. The search result >from Steve's tool is a table.

The URL of Steve Morse's tool is

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

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