Adopted daughter? KOCH and WEINREB - Jagielnica #general

Milton Koch

I am trying to determine the details of a family story I have heard about my PGF,
Izak KOCH, >from Jagielnica.

He reportedly was married to a woman that I know nothing about. They had a
daughter named Yenta. His wife died in childbirth. Supposedly, the
daughter-Yenta-was "adopted" or taken in by Izak's sister, Rivka Koch and her
husband, Lieb WEINREB. In addition, Yenta may have subsequently been married and
gave birth to a girl.

Izak then married my PGM, Feige BARBASH. I do know that part of my family.

I do not know how to track this information about Yenta and her family, as well
as the family details.

Thank you.

Milton Koch
Bethesda, MD, USA

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